Protective Icons, Beauties and also Symbols


There is power in meanings of the old pictures as well as icons. Below is a compendium of common icons, beauties and totems from antiquity that are thought to be useful against psychic aggressiveness:
Abracabadra: Among the earliest safety amulets, this is the word Abracabadra written in a triangular form like as below for Protection:


Or created as follows with an enemy’s name on the opposite in order to lessen their power.
Abdominal Muscle.
This amulet is thought to shield against injustice and also wicked occasions.
Agrippa’s Pentagram: A 5 directed star superimposed like figure of a Male with limbs outstretched. It is used to enhance link with the Greater Self along with to shield versus both noticeable as well as unseen astral enemies.
Bast: This is typically stood for by the photo of a black feline. In ancient Eygpt, Bast or Bastet was believed to safeguard house as well as family from negative spiritual impacts.
Cancer: The astrological symbol of Cancer cells, the Crab is thought to safeguard against celestial attack.
Celtic Knots: These rings of circles produced from interwoven bands appear in all sort of detailed kinds as well as designs. Among their prime functions is to shield against wicked stories, group magic, fiends and also devils.
Celtic Cross: A crucifix within a circle, this old sign is believed to secure from spiritual threats of all kinds.
Devil’s Snare/Trap: This is a circle of Hebriac creating that spirals inward in a counterclockwise direction. The idea is that ghouls become entraped in the coil of writing. It is Assyrian in origin as well as believed to protect against sorcery and all wickedness.
The Canine: A North American Indian amulet against astral attacks. He stands at the doors of the otherworld and also protects against spirits from striking the living.
The Elk: A sign of psychic self-defense as well as protection, the rune of the Elk (Algiz) is worn to resist spirits as well as make one brave while encountering fear of the unknown.
Eye of Horus: A crucial safety symbol in old Egypt it assists secure versus the evil eye.
Eye in the Triangular: This is normally a necklace featuring an eye in the facility of a triangle. It is believed to ward off the normal reasons for the evil eye– envy as well as envy.
The Falcon: The Falcon is a North American sign of perception and represents the high perch of raised spirituality. It enhances celestial abilities so one has the ability to regard unfavorable power as well as make it one’s symbolic prey.
Mommy Gaia: This is generally the figure of a Siren with her hands reaching in a circle over her head. She shields versus disruptions to our auras and assists ground our energy.
Fish: In North American Indian societies, the fish stands for a refusal to identify the power of another’s magic.
The Frog: North American symbol suggesting mediumship. It is thought to cleanse as well as detoxify the mood.
Hagal: This protective rune resembles an H, represents hailstorm and also protects from all attacks and also miseries consisting of astral strike.
Ingwaz: This rune appears like a ruby shape as well as stands for an egg. It is safety versus the evil eye as well as astral strike.
Horse: A North American Indian sign that liquifies astral blockages as well as cleans the aura.
Isa: The symbol of an I that represents Ice. It is thought to raise individual shamanic powers in addition to secure one from evil impacts and also undesirable astral forces.
Jaguar: The Mayan icon of the jaguar is thought to safeguard versus control freaks, evil idea types as well as boost one’s own shamanistic abilities.
The Fortunate Hand: There are lots of variations of this from all societies, but this typically includes the hand of a hand facing out. In the center of the palm might be a pentagram, an eye, a gems or signs of the zodiac. It is thought to secure versus all kinds of celestial invasion and attack. It is particularly effective against ritual abuse.
The Lion: A lot of Lions feature the body of a lion and also the head of an eagle. Some variations have wings. This legendary being, that is Grecian in beginning is stated to secure the subconscious from dark forces.
Mannaz: This protective Rune appears like an M as well as stands for the higher self. It safeguards versus the viciousness of interference with one’s link to their intestine reactions and also God.
The Mitzu Domo: This sign is Japanese and also includes 3 whirling swirl shapes. It is believed to protect versus the impatience, greed and also velocity of time connected with astral assaults.
The Om Icon: This ancient Sanskrit Icon stands for the syllable “om” that is made use of in meditation. It elevates one’s vibration so that the mood can not be reached by the baser powers related to psychic aggressiveness.
The Pentagram: Additionally referred to as the Druid’s Foot, this five-sided star secures against witchcraft as well as the evil eye. It is believed to return negative power back to the sender.
Pictish Knot: This Celtic sign that features an interlocking collection of triangulars safeguard against magical ceremonies that have gone wrong and missed their aim.
The Raven: A North American Indian and also Celtic Sign thought to safeguard against wizardry.
Sagittarius: The astrological icon of the Archer is believed to secure versus psychic vampires and also those that diminish spiritual energy.
Scorpio: The astrological symbol of Scorpio, the Scorpion is thought to shield against witchcraft, the evil eye and the kind of fanaticism associated with cults as well as ritual strike.
Seal of Solomon: One of the most effective recognized of safety icons this includes two interlacing triangles that develop a celebrity shape. It is used to invoke the Archangels as well as protect against black magick and the power of all wickedness.
The Sheiah Canine: This Celtic sign, which features a dog within a circle was a guardian of the secrets of the Druid’s as well as Metaphysicians. He protects from black magic.
The Sunlight: The global symbol of the sunlight is warn to oppose its shadow: dark energyof all kinds. It prevails to all societies.
Suli: This is a Celtic amulet that illustrates the Sun Siren in a halo of fires. He secures versus spiritual weak point.
Thor’s Hammer: This in proportion three-pronged knot safeguards versus misfortune, the evil eye as well as those who would burglarize the spirits.
The Turtle: Assists one stay unnoticeable to others on the celestial plane.
Uruz: This Nordic Rune looks like an upside down U and stands for an Ox. It helps one link to their greater self as well as shields against astral strike. It is believed to assist one continue to be grounded mentally.
Virgo: The astrological icon of Virgo, the Virgin, is thought to safeguard against cults, covens as well as groups that do not encourage soul flexibility.
The Wolf: A Northern European and also North American Indian symbol of defense against celestial strike.
The Yew Tree: Rises endurance and power and also is thought to protect against deception, betrayal, misconception and also undesirable influences and thought kinds. The rune that signifies the Yew Tree (Eiwaz), is put on as a safety talisman.

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